• Economic and Community Development Institute (ECDI) is Auburn University's outreach unit for economic and community development. ECDI is a partnership between Auburn University and the Alabama Cooperative Extension System that provides assistance to organizations and communities in leadership development, capacity development, strategic planning, and other areas associated with community and economic development. A primary goal of ECDI is to assist communities in the development and management of leadership programs, establish a network of leadership practitioners, and to conduct leadership training workshops/conferences to enhance the local community leadership infrastructure throughout the State.

Arturo S. Menefee
Leadership Development Specialist
Economic and Community Development Institute
Auburn University
210 Extension Hall
Auburn, AL 36849
Phone: 334-844-2307

  • Institute for Leadership Development (ILD) facilitates development of ethical, responsible leaders who are willing to use their leadership knowledge and skills at school, on the job, and to serve society.

Dr. John Kline
Director, Institute for Leadership Development
260 Smith Hall
Troy, AL 36082
Phone: 334-670-3389

National Centers and Associations
  • Association of Leadership Educators (ALE) – The mission of the ALE is to strengthen and sustain the expertise of professional leadership educators. ALE is a national organization that focuses on improving the leadership skills and competencies of professional educators in research, teaching, and implementation of leadership initiatives and programs.

Association of Leadership Educators, Inc.
2120 Fyffe Road, Suite 109
Columbus, OH 43210-1010
Phone: 614-247-5034

  • Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) – This center is an international, non-profit educational institution whose mission is to encourage and develop creative leadership for the overall benefit of society. The Center is able to accomplish this mission through research, training, and the development of publications that highlight innovative leadership practices.

Center for Creative Leadership
One Leadership Place
Post Office Box 26300
Greensboro, NC 27438-6300
Phone: 336-288-7210

Last Updated: Apr. 4, 2014